Crestwave Property Management was founded by John and Debbie Briscoe in an effort to provide high quality, yet affordable housing options in the Long Beach and Huntington Beach areas. What began as a small family business has turned into a large community of properties under management.


“We love Long Beach and Huntington Beach,” said Debbie. “We’re thrilled to be so integrated into our communities that it makes us work that much harder to provide great places for people to live and love our communities as well.”


Crestwave, which started in 1990, currently manages apartment buildings, condominiums, single family homes, HOA’s and 55+ senior living condos. Always striving to provide great customer service for the property owners and the residents.


“We’re thrilled that we have grown into a fun and caring community business,” says John. “We look forward to continuing our high level of service for our owners and our residents.”


In order to provide excellent and qualified service for our clients John has been a licensed Broker for almost three decades.


Crestwave Property Management is a staple in the Long Beach and Huntington Beach communities, if you look you may just see one of the blue and yellow sun/wave logos popping up in a neighborhood near you. Inspired by the Pacific Ocean and the sunny days we are all accustomed too in Southern California.


For more information or just to get in touch please contact us.

Crestwave Property Management